Chef Shenarri Freeman is about to bring something entirely new to the Bubble Room—her vegan spin on traditional southern fare and soul food dishes. With her 5+ course plant-based menu, she hopes to shine a light on the fact that pairing wine with vegan food is often overlooked and misunderstood.

“Vegan food is not one-dimensional—there’s so much flavor, texture and options to choose from.”

Boasting a menu bursting with flavor, you can expect dishes like palm cake with grits and collard greens, and jerk fried chicken of the woods mushrooms with pickled radish and almond ricotta dill.

“With Shifting the Lens, I want people to see vegan food differently…people are going to love the food and they already love the wine, so I’m just adding a layer and helping to merge the two worlds together.”


Chef Freeman inspires our Shifting the Lens series because she shares our belief that an exceptional meal goes far beyond pleasing the palate—it has the power to heal us and connect us with something larger than ourselves.

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