Nicole Hitchcock

At J, we believe wine, like food, is multidimensional. It is far more than just something to be consumed ā€“ it tells our most human stories and forms part of our culture, identity, and community. It takes us on a journey and opens our eyes to a world beyond our glass. This year, we will highlight what makes J unique “Through the Lens of” the special people who create the magic needed to bring you unforgettable wines, culinary pairings, experiences, and memories.

We look forward to sharing their perspectives with you, broadening our scope and taking us all to a place of discovery & connection.

Nicole Hitchcock, Head Winemaker

For me, J represents a means of making memories ā€” whether around the table raising a glass with friends or at the winery tasting fermentation lots on a Sunday afternoon during harvest. Some of my favorite J memories involve our team’s epic end-of-harvest celebrations, in which cellar and winemaking employees gather to revel in the joy and relief of another harvest completed.

I’m always impressed at the energy that our team brings when we’re together, both in the cellar and when taking a moment to celebrate. I consider that energy to be infused into everything we do at J, from cellar practices to hospitality to the wines themselves.

White wine bottle with glass and grapes

In fact, my favorite J wine (of the hour!) is one of the liveliest, most energetic elements of the portfolio: our Blanc de Blancs. Beautifully crisp and dry with notes of green apple, lemon curd and spiced pie crust, it finishes with bright, refreshing hints of sea spray.

As a woman winemaker continuing an enduring legacy of strong feminine leadership at J, I feel particularly passionate about encouraging those who may not typify your average winery employee to work hard, dream and keep up that energy. It takes many hands to craft J wines, and Iā€™m always looking forward to how our team will come together to create the next round of memories.

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