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Through Shifting the Lens, our limited culinary series that premiered this summer, we sought to understand our chefs-in-residence’s unique approaches to their art form. At J, we believe that learning about how a meal is made, the story behind its ingredients, and how the chef’s experience shaped the dish goes beyond culinary knowledge. It broadens our scope and takes us to a place of discovery and connection. During their collaborations with J Vineyards, each chef curated a tasting adventure that built upon our legacy of growing, evolving, and challenging people’s notions on pairing wine with food.

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Shifting the Lens

Our 2022 guest chefs-in-residence

Chef Jenny Dorsey


Jenny understands the value of changing perception—she’s built her career on upending expectations, whether it’s with unusual flavor combinations or by creating metaphors on a plate. During her residency at J for Shifting the Lens, our limited culinary series, she plans on using her talent for the unexpected to create an unforgettable food and wine experience, including dishes like duck fat-poached oysters with raw corn juice, peeled tomatoes, perilla and raw sambal, and entrement with serrano and iru shortbread, pomegranate mousse, banana juice jelly and ice cream foam.In culinary school, Jenny noticed that cultures and cuisines from around the world were often left out of the curriculum. Realizing the limitations and the parameters the fine dining industry has set around what good hospitality means, which foods should be expensive and what food should look like, she was wary. The only way forward for Jenny was forging her own path.Chef Jenny Dorsey is no stranger to creating unique dining experiences or inspiring conversation through food. She co-founded the non-profit Studio ATAO, which aims to create accessible, relevant resources that inspire socially conscious food, beverage and hospitality professionals through social justice education, vulnerable conversations and community-building.

Chef Preeti Mistry


Chef Mistry, twice nominated by the James Beard Foundation as Best Chef of the West in 2017 and 2018, was born in London, raised in the Midwest, and has traveled the world. Their Indian heritage and home in Sonoma County help shape their cuisine. As a queer, Indian, first-generation immigrant woman, Chef Mistry believes in unapologetic integrity and authenticity, advocating that to leave our mark, we must first own our stripes.Chef Mistry’s nuanced flavor combinations are inspired by their upbringing on traditional Indian cuisine. Formally trained at Le Cordon Bleu in France, they quickly discovered that in order to learn how to cook the food they grew up loving, they had to put in the practice and research outside of the classroom. Turning to experimentation, memory and traditional recipes, Chef Mistry has made it their mission to showcase the myriad possibilities of Indian flavors, which filled the menus at their two former restaurants, Juhu Beach Club and Navi Kitchen.“I went to culinary school with people who had a lot more cultural capital in terms of their experience with European cuisine. What I’d like to see change in the industry is we celebrate different types of cuisines; we celebrate different types of people.”

Chef Shenarri Freeman


Chef Shenarri “Greens” Freeman is a plant based chef, holistic researcher and health and wellness advocate. While in her undergraduate program at Howard University in 2011, she gained an interest for food after working in the kitchen at the 9:30 Club for four years. She has also worked in acclaimed D.C. restaurants and venues; including Restaurant Marvin, Jack Rose, SongByrd and Momofuku CCDC. Shenarri moved to New York in 2019 to further her culinary skills at the Institute of Culinary Education where she was enrolled in the Health Supportive Culinary Arts program. Chef Freeman adopted a vegan diet in 2017 and has not looked back since. Being self taught, she pulls inspiration from her travels where she makes a point to take a cooking class when she visits a new country. After losing her significant other in June of 2018, Chef Freeman began a holistic journey to heal herself through food and the practices of Dr.Sebi, Queen Afua and Dr.Llaila Afrika. She’s currently the Executive Chef at Cadence New York where she serves up a revolution in the culinary arts, cooking soulful southern cuisine with a plant-based twist and was recently deemed "New York City's Buzziest New Chef" by Vogue. She was also recently a nominee for the James Beard Foundation’s Emerging Chef award.