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Just like our Shifting the Lens collaborators, our hope is that this series transforms tradition and encourages people to rethink conventional wine and food pairings.

With Shifting the Lens, our limited culinary series taking place in The Bubble Room we’re pairing more than just wine and food—we’re bringing together a diverse group of culinary experts to share their perspectives and work together to produce an unforgettable experience. We spoke to guest Chef Preeti Mistry, J Winemaker Nicole Hitchcock, J Executive Chef Aaron Meneghelli and our Estate Chef Forrest Kellogg on what Shifting the Lens means to them—and their thoughts on collaboration.

“I’m hoping to gain some new flavors, gain some new tricks. I hope to learn a lot from them along the way.”
— Aaron Meneghelli
Chef Aaron
Chef Forrest
“I hope to absorb new cooking techniques as well as to hear their stories. I think it’s very inspiring to hear why people have given their lives to kitchens—it’s not an easy career. Kitchens draw interesting people—misfits and rebels—and that’s why I feel right at home there.”
— Forest Kellogg

“Shifting the Lens, the J chef series, is really intriguing for me because it’s about casting a wider spotlight on producers and makers who traditionally haven’t gotten the spotlight.” —Nicole Hitchcock

““I hope this series creates a larger conversation in our industry about how we value different types of cuisines, and chips away at the idea, highlighting how every type of cuisine can be nuanced.”
— Preeti Mistry
Chef Preeti
J winemaker
“The chefs embody what we’re trying to communicate—different perspectives, different styles, different menus, and this will open our eyes to what some of the possibilities of pairing food with wine can be. I’m excited to be partnering with the chefs as we determine which wines will be paired with their menus.”
— Nicole Hitchcock


While this series is focused on the guest experience, the benefits of collaborating in the kitchen will impact the methods and outlooks of these culinary creators for the rest of their lives.

“Cooking food is about community, it’s about family. A melding of flavors…that leads to a wow. And the opportunity to work closely with Nicole gets that wow.”
— Preeti Mistry
“I’ve collaborated with other chefs before, but this is different. Right off the bat the title makes my mind ponder and I think that alone will change the dialogue for our guests. I think for us as a team, it makes us wonder how we can include everyone in this industry. The diversity of the locals, who’s enjoying our wine…one of the things I love about food is being able to dive into different cultures and it’s coming to us with this program.”
— Aaron Meneghelli
“Wine pairing has traditionally been done the same way for a long time, so I think it's very exciting to experience other culinary perspectives and try unexpected pairings. I also think the culinary arts have been dominated by a certain type of person, so it feels very refreshing to be part of a series that is different from that.”
— Forest Kellogg
Chef Jenny

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