Easter Egg Radishes with Lemon Creme Fraiche and Wasabi Tobikko

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4 bunches easter egg radishes, tops trimmed
2 lemons
2 cups creme fraeche(Bellwether Farms suggested)
wasabi tobikko* (Japanese flying fish roe)
regular tobikko*


For lemon creme fraiche, remove the zest from both lemons before juicing them. Add the zest, along with 4tsp of lemon juice, to the creme fraiche. Season with a pinch of salt.

Cut each radish across its middle. Use a small melon baller to remove the center of each half, making a small radish cup. Fill each cup with the lemon creme fraiche, garnish half of the radishes with the green wasabi tobikko and the remaining half with the regular (red) tobikko.

*Tobikko can be purchased at most gourmet stores that sell caviar - or through many web-retailers.


Suggested Pairing: