Late Disgorged Sparkling wine in the Russian River Valley


As the Russian River winds its way through Sonoma, nearby vineyard rows of luscious Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier and Chardonnay grow in tandem, awaiting just the right moment to be picked and transformed into bright, bubbly sparkling wine. The process at the winery is lengthy – our Late Disgorged Brut rests at least five years en tirage – but the rewards are great.

J Vineyards has the top Late Disgorged Sparkling wine in Sonoma County

“Our goal At J is to offer sparkling wines that are lively, vibrant and crisp, finishing with fullness and finesse.”

— Associate Winemaker Victoria Gaeta


Our Late Disgorged Brut starts with exceptional fruit sourced from our incredible estate vineyards in the Russian River Valley, each with its own signature style. The cool and foggy climate of these vineyards preserves the acidity needed to make exceptional sparkling wine, while the sunny afternoons give mature, bright flavors that make Russian River Valley wines so unique.

When ready, the fruit is hand-picked at night and delivered to the winery
early in the morning while it’s still cool. A Coquard press — designed in
France for gentle extraction of juice — then processes the grapes. This press minimizes the harsh components of the grape’s skin and seeds, resulting
in crisp, premier juice.

J Vineyards has the top late disgorged sparkling wine in the Napa region

Sparkling wine that was disgorged late

TRaditional Methods shine at J

To create our rich and refined Late Disgorged Brut, secondary fermentation in the bottle is crucial and is the same method used in the Champagne region in France. The wine rests on its spent yeast cells, and as the yeast cells break down, they provide nutty and toasty notes and a fuller, creamier mouthfeel.

The bubbles break down to form ever-smaller bubbles, helping to create a lovely prise de mousse. Spending an average of five years aging en tirage, our Late Disgorged Brut shows greater depth and richness at release and a longer life in your cellar.


Our Late Disgorged Brut goes beyond the pop of a bottle — it captures a moment in time that echoes remarkable terroir. Lively, vibrant and crisp, bursting with bright fruit and citrus notes, hints of toast and finishing with fullness and finesse, our Late Disgorged Vintage Brut pairs beautifully with caviar-topped kettle chips with crème fraiche and a dash of lemon zest, tuna tartar, and Marcona almond-crusted sole. For dessert lovers, pair it with a slice of lemon cheesecake, served with pear compote, for a delightful treat.

What does late disgorged mean?

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