Sustainable Practices

From the very beginning in 1986, Founder and President Judy Jordan built and expanded J Vineyards & Winery with green practices in mind.

Reduce, reuse and recycle is not just a slogan at J – we are dedicated to sustainable winemaking that encompasses a long-term sensitivity to the needs of the ecosystem. A list of our achievements as well as everyday organic and sustainable practices:

  • In December 2011, J became a certified sustainable winery through the California Winegrowers Alliance, a third-party environmental auditing partnership with the Wine Institute.
  • Pacific Gas & Electric certified that J’s energy use is “carbon neutral.”

Protection for the Earth’s Resources

J supports farming practices that are environmentally sensitive, economically viable and socially responsible by minimal use of chemical pesticides and fertilizers in our vineyards.

  • Cover crops are planted to control erosion, choke back unwanted weeds, control the vigor of the vine, and enrich soils with nitrogen and other important nutrients.
  • As its own water district, J conserves water through process changes that do not require technological improvements, such as having workers remove all solids before end-of-day cleaning and hose-downs.
  • For winemaking, ultraviolet light and ozone are used to sterilize water, rather than chlorine.
  • In J’s kitchen, the culinary team sources produce and proteins from the best quality, local, organic or sustainable purveyors.

Efficiency in Production and Administration

  • J employs an efficient and modern refrigeration system.
  • The facilities use additional insulation beyond code requirements whenever possible, layering three inches of foam between concrete walls.
  • Lighting has been retrofitted in processing areas with high-intensity, lower energy lamps and ballasts as well as motion sensors and timers.
  • We lowered the weight of our sparkling and varietal glass wine bottles to reduce energy use while transporting.
  • To reduce glass usage, we launched an innovative, refillable keg program at restaurant accounts.
  • All glass, cardboard, paper, plastic, aluminum and toner are recycled by the staff.
Certified CA Sustainable Winegrowing  Certified as a Bay Area Green Business

Certified CA Sustainable Winegrowing Certified as a Bay Area Green Business